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Contrary to popular belief, herbal medicine and modern medicine are two sides of the same coin. Health prevention does NOT mean avoiding regular doctors visits. Always trust your gut and seek Emergency medical treatment without hesitation. Always consult with your healthcare provider before utilizing herbal supplements. I've known patients to attempt self treatment at home and it cost them their lives and limb - DO NOT be that patient. However, I empathize with how the pandemic has effected access to affordable healthcare.

I created this page to share some options for those that need affordable coverage for minor ailments. I used military TriCare in college and always ended up with huge, unexpected bills in the mail that I could't afford on my college income. Telemedicine offers upfront cost and treatment for minor conditions. Remember to utilize the marketplace, talk to a professional broker and if you've lost or left your job with existing conditions, talk to your employer about your COBRA benefits. I've made a list of a few companies below that help supplement affordable short term insurance policies. I hope this helps you or someone you know. 


- Lemonaid Health is a virtual MD/NP office for treatment of minor ailments. A Tele-visit is approximately $40 for a scheduled video call and can be done right from your phone. They treat and or administer: 

UTI, Cold, Flu, Birth Control, Skin (Dark spots, Acne), Erectile Dysfunction, STD screening, Hypothyroidism, Depression, Hair Loss, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, COVID19 Testing,  Blood Sugar A1C, Blood type, Migraine, Stop Smoking Treatment, Herpes, Cold Sores, Premature Ejaculation, Anxiety, Hair loss and more.

After your visit medications can be mailed or called in to  a pharmacy of your choice for pickup.

Download the Lemonaid app, apply the $10  promo code: SADEW295236  at checkout. Here's the link below:


- Everly-well offers affordable private pay lab testing for: Thyroid levels, B Vitamins, Women's Health (Hormones), Mens Health (Hormones) A1C, STD (6 panel) ,  Cholesterol, Food sensitivities, Food Allergies, Fertility, Vitamin D, Inflammation, Metabolism, Menopause, HPV , Heart Health, Testosterone, Lyme Disease, Sleep Stress, Heavy Metals, Colon Cancer.

Use the link:


- Wisp offers discreet mail delivery of Birth Control, Emergency contraception, Bacterial Vaginosis, STD Testing, Yeast Infection, COVID19 Testing, Genital Herpes and UTI.

Click the link: