Does Sea Moss Live Up to the Hype?

Does Sea Moss Live Up to the Hype?

Posted by Sade "Bazi" Walker on Oct 11th 2020

Does seaweed live up to the hype? Here are some findings from Dr.Drum who has done a deal of research on the matter.

Marine algae are remarkably adept at concentrating substances in their tissues, causing seaweeds to be 10 times as mineral dense as land plants cultivated in soils. “Many times I have seen chronically exhausted patients exhibit complete symptom resolution after several weeks of adding 5-10 grams of seaweeds to their daily diets” (Drum, 2008, para. 11). "Sea weed also contains trace vitamins but is no comparison in its benefits to thyroid health and iron content"

The drawback? Theres no vitamin D in sea weed it is more nutrient rich than vitamin rich. Additionally, the smell! Oh, the smell! On the plus side however, there are neat hacks to eliminate odor, COMPLETELY. Some recommend seasoning your seaweed with strong spices and garlic while cooking but personally I enjoy mine deodorized and flavored. My first spoonful of Sea Moss was wonderful! Granted, sea moss has an interesting texture to say the least. It's like applesauce or preserves without the sweetness. I've heard sea moss advocates boast of not only increased energy, but also balanced hormones. I guess you can say increased libido is one sign that things are running good under the hood *wink* and a little unlfavored apple sauce is well worth the benefits. 

After returning home from assignment with aims to detox and restore what now seemed like chronic fatigue, I began searching for local sea moss. I was worrisome about the effects stress can have on the thyroid after experiencing a roller coaster of symptoms back in 2016, which I concluded with lab work and vowed to never again let work take such a toll on my physical and mental health. With a quick search I Stumbled upon an experienced local sea weed pharmacist , Mr.Marbley , who taught me the average detox time, side effects to expect and how he specially prepares his sea moss to be odorless. He then adds flavor profiles ranging from vanilla or mango to strawberry and lemon. He stated that most people can expect more frequent bowel movements by day three, and feel the full effects within a week. For me personally, I felt a definite change in appetite within 3 days. I only desired vegetables and seafood, and I most certainly felt a boost in energy. That could be the iron? or the strong detoxing properties, whatever it was I felt great. *Ryan Drum, MD observed that many clients he has worked with who complain of salt cravings, exhaustion, poor focus, agitation, depression, and muscle pains are often soothed and revived by powdered seaweed supplements that are high in potassium (Drum, 2008).

Additionally, as relates to current the COVID19 pandemic, I found this interesting...

Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus) gel is effective in long-term treatment for damaged lungs, particularly after pneumonia, smoking, emphysema and chronic bronchitis (Drum)

The benefits go on and on, so what the catch?

Well for me, as a traveler I found it difficult to keep in my hotel rooms without a being guaranteed a refrigerator while on assignment. Oh yea, did I mention sea moss gel needs to be kept refrigerated? Thankfully however, it can be easily found in capsule or powder in addition to the gel. The latter two, a popular addition to smoothies. Lately, Sea Moss GUMMIES are trending. I stumbled across them while searching for a way to bring my healthy bits on the road with me and HAD to add them to my online store. They're sweet, and a harder consistency than most gummie, and they have a fruity apple like flavor. They worked within days for me thereby curving my appetite from sugary processed foods.

Highlighted benefits: 

  • Antifungal, Antiviral, Antibacterial ✓
  • Anti-inflammatory ✓
  • Probiotic ✓
  • Increased Libido ✓
  • Improves Metabolism ✓
  • Thyroid Support ✓
  • Healthy Skin and Hair ✓
  • Anti-aging ✓
  • Improve Joint Health ✓
  • Helps Weight Loss ✓
  • Digestive Support ✓
  • Keto-Detox ✓
  • Immune Support ✓
  • Appetite Suppressant ✓
  • Get rid of Mucus ✓

Safety-wise, remember that consuming too much iodine will mimic hyperthyroidism, so palpitations, sweats, nervousness etc. are symptoms that should never go unchecked. Follow up with a healthcare professional ASAP if you get a little sea weed happy.

Local Damon Marbley can be found on FaceBook. He commonly sells his array of health products near UALR campus in Little Rock, AR